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Folksable - Track habits by photo checkins to friends for accountability | Product Hunt Folksable - Track habits by photo checkins to friends for accountability | Product Hunt

So what are rituals?

Rituals are periodically repeating actions that you said out to do, on each such action you will be notified to post a picture of yourself indulged in it, the frequency can range from every day to once in a week.

Don’t have any ideas for rituals?

No problem, see what your friends are doing, or get inspired from popular rituals and topics.

We’d recommend starting your morning routine because when you are ready in the morning done with the checklist you will have a great start and energy throughout the day.

Can’t find time for your hobbies?

when you have an order for your time, and your activities won’t interfere with each other's time, you will find more time for your hobbies and passions.

Every ritual by default is invite only, that means only your friends and friends of your members can join your ritual.

All the data is encrypted in transit with the best security practices.

You can delete all your data any time you want from your privacy settings.

Our goal is to build the best tools in the world to bring the best of our users, that are best for our users, and those we would be proud to recommend for our friends and family.

We know we are doing a good job when you are a better person having spent a hundred hours on folksable, we believe that’s what great relationships are, we build each other, push each other and learn from each other to become a better human being having spent that time with each other.

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